RSM Contracts

When a new Commitment Transaction is agreed then the old Commitment Transaction must be Revoked
Commitment Transaction

To allow an opportunity for penalty transactions, in case of a revoked commitment transaction, all outputs that return funds to the owner of the commitment transaction (a.k.a. the “local node”) must be delayed for to_self_delay blocks.

Alice (the owner) is delayed in getting the funds, giving Bob time to penalize her if he has a Revocation Key
2 <AlicePublicKey01> <BobPublicKey01> 2 OP_CHECKMULTISIG
<revocationpubkey> OP_CHECKSIG
revocationpubkey = AlicePublicKey01 + BobPublicKey01



Spending the Output

The output is spent by an input with nSequence field set to to_self_delay (which can only be valid after that duration has passed) and witness:

<local_delayedsig> <>

If a revoked commitment transaction is published, the other party can spend this output immediately with the following witness:

<revocation_sig> 1

Final Note

Notes and References



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